Evi Filippou


Evi Filippou (*1993), started taking percussion lessons at the age of 7. With a scholarship from the Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, she graduated the Conservatory of Volos (Excellent and first prize) and relocated to Berlin to study at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler (Bachelors and Masters graduation with honors).

portrait photo of Evi Filippou

Evi Filippou, photo by Fabio Dondero

In addition to performing with various orchestras and contemporary music ensembles all around Europe (a.o. Bolshoi Ballet Orchestra, Ensemble United Berlin), she performs solo classical and improvised music, duo with Katerina Fotinaki (ff duet), Lara Alarcón, Rober Lucaciu (Filippou & Lucaciu) and has collaborated with various prestigious artists of the european jazz scene like Chris Dahlgren, Arne Braun, Elias Stemeseder, Uli Kempendorff, Angelika Niescier.

Evi is also part of n ï m Dance company of the Austrian choreographer Naïma Mazic.

With her project inEvitable she explores her own compositions and arrangements and with Cabaret Catatonique her interdisciplinary curiosity.

Evi holds a strong presence in the music-theatre scene (founding member of “Opera Lab Berlin”) regularly performing with various groups and theatre venues (a.o. Neue Werkstatt der Staatsoper Berlin, Rimini Protokoll, Hauen und Stechen Musiktheater Kollektiv).

She also teaches percussion group lessons as an instructor of “Vincentino e.V. – culture strengthens children in Berlin”.

closeup photo of Evi's hands playing marimba

Photo by Peter Tümmers

Since 2019 she is also organising concerts series promoting female musicians and band leaders and she is involved in the curation of the Bitches Brew Festival.

Based in Berlin, constantly researching the balance in the coexistence of composition and improvisation, precision and authentic personal expression.

Evi playing marimba during live performance

Photo by Markus Lackinger